How To Find, Attract & Retain The Best Tenants

Tenant Screening CD eCover 250 wide

Congratulations on deciding to order my CD ‘How To Find, Attract and Retain The Best Tenants‘. For a limited time it’s just £19.97 with FREE delivery and you can buy safely via PayPal here, even if you don’t have a PayPal account:

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The CD explains in detail all 14 top Tenant Screening tips which together form the perfect system for finding, attracting and retaining the best tenants for your rental properties. The 14 top tips include:

  1. Professional versus Student Tenants – Both have their advantages. I’ll help you decide which way to go
  2. Online Advertising – Where to advertise to make sure you don’t get left with empty properties for long
  3. Pricing – How to get your pricing right so you get the tenants you want. Also what you should include in the rent and what you should charge for
  4. The Advert – What to say in your advertising so you get loads of enquiries from the type of tenants you want
  5. References & Credit Checks – Not as simple as it seems! Rely solely on great references and you’re asking for big trouble!
  6. Telephone Interviewing – Ask the right questions and save yourself hours with this simple tip
  7. Face to Face Meetings – Why these are so important and what to look for when you first meet a potential tenant
  8. Saying ‘NO’ After a Viewing – How to say ‘No’ to someone you don’t like after a viewing
  9. Dealing With ‘No Shows’ – What you should do if someone fails to turn up to a viewing
  10. Rent and Deposit Negotiations – How to confidently deal with potential tenants who want to negotiate the price
  11. Securing ‘Gem’ Tenants – How to attract and keep tenants that suit your property perfectly
  12. Recommendations – How to encourage tenants to recommend you
  13. Recommend Other Landlords – Why this is a very good idea!
  14. Waiting Lists – Why you should keep them

Armed with these tips you’ll never allow a bad tenant into your properties ever again!