Tip 5: Face To Face Meetings

First of all the face to face meeting should only happen if the telephone interview went well. What you don’t want to do is drive to your property, make sure the house looks its best, wait for the potential tenant to arrive only to find that they are the exact opposite of your ideal tenant. If you’d done the telephone interview as I suggested in Tip #4, by the time you actually meet you’ll already be pretty sure they’d make a good tenant.

I know some landlords that accept deposits for rooms and houses without bothering to meet the potential tenant first. They base their decision on the suitability of the tenant purely on emails and/or phone conversations. This is even more risky than not bothering with a telephone interview because there is still much to discover at the meeting stage.

The face to face meeting is your best opportunity to discover:

  • Are they presentable?
  • Are they smelly?? (You can’t check that on the phone!)
  • Are they friendly?
  • Will they fit in well with the other tenants?
  • Were they on time? If not did they let you know they’d be late? (You don’t want tenants who don’t value your time)
  • Could you get on with them?
  • Will they get on with the neighbours? (You may think this is unimportant, and it may be for many, but in some cases I have found that a clash of personalities with close neighbours can cause lots of problems)

Thank them for being on time and ask a few questions: Where are they from? Where do they work? How was their journey? Did they find the property OK? Ask other questions based on what they tell you and try to get to know them a little. You’re not going to become best buddies in a couple of minutes but after a little practice you will be able to get a good feel for how they could be as a tenant.

If you don’t like them make your excuses and say no (I discuss how you say no on my CD – see below).

Now, I’ve talked about this before but it is so important it is worth going over again: if you are renting rooms in a shared house YOU MUST MAKE SURE the potential tenant is likely to get on well with your other tenants. So think about their:

  • Age. Don’t put a 50 year old into a house of 25 year olds or vice versa. There’s nothing wrong with 50 year old tenants that’s for sure but it is very likely that they will not be able to feel fully comfortable in such a house. So try to put people into houses where the tenants are of a similar age.
  • Personality. Don’t put a bubbly person into a house of quiet, studious types or vice versa. Someone who likes to work at home would really not like to be disturbed by noisy housemates. Similarly a bubbly outgoing type would soon get bored with housemates who never go out.
  • Gender. Personally I prefer to keep houses as a mix because they work well but there’s an added issue if you have a single sex, multi-let house. If a room becomes available it’s often really difficult to then fill it with someone of the opposite sex and so you’re halving your possible market.

It is far better to have an empty room than to fill it with the wrong person. Otherwise you risk mass departure of your current tenants. So be picky!

In fact you can even use the fact that you are picky as a selling point. I always do. I tell potential tenants as I show them around a multi-let property that we only like to accept people who I think will fit in with those already there. At least the potential tenant then knows that we won’t ruin a nice house with someone they won’t get on with.

Choose the right people and your tenants will be happier, stay longer and cause you far fewer hassles. I know some landlords who are not so picky and they wonder why they have so many empty rooms. They fill rooms with whoever they can and don’t do the checks I’ve suggested, instead relying on great references, and then wonder why everyone else leaves. Don’t do the same!

Have a wonderful week!


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